Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Yesterday my parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary.

Before I was married, I failed to realize how significant a wedding anniversary is. Now, I cherish not only my own anniversary, but the anniversaries of friends and families. And 35 years is a BIG deal. Although being married is wonderful, it is hard work. You don't just instantly fall in love with someone, say "I do", move in together, and have instant bliss. It takes work. There are days when you just want to go into YOUR room (which isn't your room any more - it's the one you now share) and close the door. There are also disagreements, miscommunications, misunderstandings, differences in priorities, and, in my case, too much clutter around the house that put stress on our relationships. Sticking together and working to make a relationship with a spouse work is HARD WORK. And many people do give up.

I'm so proud and thankful that my parents have set such a wonderful example for my marriage. And I celebrate with them on their 35th anniversary. Here's to another 35 years of wedded bliss...


Baby: slept from 11pm until 4am last night. It was heavenly. She was up again around 6:30am, had a quick breakfast, and then fell asleep on my chest. We cuddled for about an hour before getting out of bed. It was a precious time.

Studying: finished my epidemiology text book reading yesterday. Tomorrow I begin the task of getting through my statistics books.

Dinner tonight: ginger shrimp over rice. This is a new recipe from the November issue of Cooking Lite. We'll see how it goes.

Event of the day: hanging out with my old work colleague and friend, Heather. We had a delightful time catching up this afternoon. And the baby was on her best behavior!

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