Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I haven't been this excited for an election day EVER. And I don't think I'm alone... this morning David went out to vote bright and early and the line at our polling place went around the block. I headed out to the pediatrician's office first thing this morning. And then voted around lunch time. It was the baby's first election day and she was a hit at the polling station. We met several neighbors with little ones or little ones on the way while at the polls. Our neighborhood must be in the midst of a baby-boom. There are little ones and pregnant women everywhere.

Anyways, back to the election... Although the Presidential election is on everyone's minds (and I was excited to cast my vote for that contest!), here in DC we don't get much of a say. Obama will win in the District by a landslide (in 2004, Kerry won more than 75 percent of the vote). So our one little electorial vote will go to him. The big contests here in the District are for City Council. There was a major upset in the primaries where the Republican incumbent for the at-large seat lost to an up-and-comer. Since the primaries, the incumbent was campaigned hard to win as a write-in candidate. I'm super excited to see the outcome of this election.

We also voted for a new ANC rep in our neighborhood. I met my (hopefully) soon-to-be rep as he was leaving the polls with his pregnant wife and toddler. He seems like a great guy, someone who will represent our neighborhood well. Plus he is intent on cleaning up the playgrounds and local pools (a nice bonus for us).

I am exited for the polls to close tonight. Tomorrow (barring disaster) we'll have a new President... (and history will be made - either we will have the first black President or the first female VP. EXCITING TIMES!)


Baby: is over 8 pounds now. She's gaining weight like a champion - if only she would learn to sleep like one.

What I'm up to: Besides emailing, making phone calls, and blogging, I just did an ENTIRE load of PINK laundry. That's right... a full load of only PINK clothing. My daughter is such a girly girl.

Frustration of the day: our indoor ficus tree is losing all of its leaves. It is making such a mess. I need to rake and bag the leaves INSIDE. This is not right.

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WASPy Girl said...

Fun fact: DC has 3 electoral votes. Based on its population, it should have more, but the Constitution says it can't have more than the least populated state--Wyoming right now, which has 3.

Happy voting! I heart Election Day.