Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Washington DC is preparing for President-elect Obama to move into the White House. Much talk around town is about all the new "firsts" --- First Family and First Lady being the most common. There is also talk about the new First Dog, the First School (where the children will go to school), and also the First Church.

When President-elect Obama left his congregation in Chicago earlier this year, he said he would wait until after the election to decide on a new home church. His home church will be the new First Church, where the First Family will worship each week.

Last week, Time Magazine published an article entitled What Church Will President Obama Attend? The author of the article asked several several credible sources to provide a church suggestion for the Obama family. One of the six churches featured in the article is my home church.

What if I were to become church members with Mr. and Mrs. Obama?

We'll have to wait until January to see what happens... If nothing else it was great seeing my small church getting some publicity in Time. I really liked what the article had to say about us.

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SARAH said...

That would be so cool if the Obamas went to your church!!