Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I just entered the lottery for the 2008 NYC Marathon. Obviously, I have no intention of running the race this year, but entering the lottery GUARANTEES that I will have a spot in the 2009 race. How this works... 1) if I get a spot this year through the lottery, I can easily defer my entry until next year and avoid the lottery all together in 2009; or 2) if I am denied entry into the race this year, I will be GUARANTEED a spot in the 2009 race because it will be the third year in a row that I have been denied entry into the race. The nice people who run the race cut you some slack if you fail to get a spot through the lottery three years in a row.

So, make your plans NOW! I will be running the NYC marathon in November 2009. I expect all my fans to be there cheering me on. Details will be forthcoming...

Between now and November 2009 my exercise routine is going to go through several changes. The extra 9 pounds that I've gained are making running more and more challenging. My knees and hips are feeling the extra weight and I constantly feel like I have to go to the bathroom while running. My goal is to continue running through the end of the month (about three times a week). I'm starting to swim more often (in my new pink flowered maternity bathing suit). This summer the plan is to swim three times a week and walk three times a week. I'm planning to begin my running hiatus in mid-June.

Post-baby, my goal is run the Jingle-Bell 10K in December at Haines Point. Anyone want to train with me? It's a fun run (yes, you do get jingle-bells to tie to your shoes for the race) and the course is completely flat. Marathon training will officially begin in May 2009 (after the semester is over).

Must have item for the next year: a durable running stroller.


Today's activities: spent the morning writing thank you notes and catching up on emails. This afternoon I plan to make trips to Target, the grocery store and the library. I also have some ironing to do.

Recommendation of the day: veggie enchiladas. We had them for dinner last night and REALLY enjoyed them. Plus they are simple to make.

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Becca said...

I will pencil you in for 11/09! My dad is about an hour train ride from the city now, so I could be there pretty easily to cheer you on!
Hope everything is going well with the pregnancy. My sister invested in a running stroller last year and loves it!