Tuesday, May 20, 2008


With jury duty behind me and two weeks until school starts, I had nothing that had to be done today, but there were several things I wanted to accomplish. In a few short hours, I successfully:

1. made a menu for the week
2. grocery shopped
3. made dinner for tonight (veggie enchiladas with a green sauce) for us and a family from church who just had a baby girl
4. baked chocolate chip cookies (to go with the dinner)
5. made lunch for tomorrow (two-bean salad)
6. talked to my mom
7. did four loads of laundry and folded it
8. watched the first episode of The Bachelorette on (only because I know Carla wants someone to talk with about the show!!).

Now I'm off for a run (I've cut back to no more than three runs per week; the extra weight has been hard on my knees and hips). Afterwards, David and I are going to take dinner to the family from church and then we're going to go pick up our changing table (we could only get the crib in the old VW on Sunday afternoon).


Carla said...

please don't feel obligated to watch the trash TV just because of i feel really guilty. don't worry, my childhood friend, jill, and i call each other at the commercials and's that for crazy!

Becky said...

I was kidding!! But I do love talking about it with you. It makes it all the more fun.