Sunday, May 25, 2008


Since the end of the semester, I've been spending a lot more time at home and with the cat. For the most part, Chai leaves me alone and I him. He's pretty low maintenance. He requires a lot of water and a bowel of food (and a clean litter box, but that's David's responsibility). That's it; he's not a sit in your lap every time you sit down type of cat (thank God). He's also pretty good, or so I thought, about staying off of the furniture. However, during the past couple of days, he's been a bad kitty. Yesterday I spent a considerable amount of time looking for him after he went missing for a couple of hours. The day before, I found him in our linen closest cuddled up next to a new pack of toilet paper. This time I found him HERE...

As you can see, I put the foot rest in the middle of the chair in an attempt to keep the cat off of the chair. He showed me who was boss!

And then a couple of days later I found him among David's plants in our sunroom.

There's been evidence that he's been eating the plants, but this picture proves that he has been nibbling.

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