Tuesday, May 13, 2008


There are few things as exhilarating as crossing the finish line of your first marathon. I crossed mine in October 2005 with David by my side (actually he was one second behind me!!). The finish was AWESOME, but there were points along the marathon route (namely miles 17-19 along Haines Point and the 14th Street bridge where I took a nasty fall) where I wasn't sure if we'd finish. But we kept pushing forward - leaning on each other, sucking in the encouragement of the crowd, looking forward to milemarkers and milestones (like cookies at mile 22). By the end of the race, I was ready to be done, but I had so enjoyed the process. Each mile marker was an accomplishment, every time I received encouragement I was blessed, and there was always something, namely the finish line and next year's race, to look forward to.

As so it is with being pregnant...

I past the halfway "milemarker" this past weekend.

I remember crossing the 10 mile marker during my first marathon and thinking "I've never run further in a race ever before." Since finding out I am pregnant, I have this thought basically every morning I wake up. I think, "One more day pregnant; one day closer to being a mom." Both are pretty amazing.

Miles 10-13 of my first marathon were trying. I was overwhelmed by the fact that I had never run a race so long. The past few weeks of my pregnancy have been similar. I've been overwhelmed - both by the changing shape of my body and the thought of being a mom (one who will be studying for her comprehensive exams with an infant child).

Similar to crossing the halfway mark of the marathon, passing 20 weeks of pregnancy has been somewhat of a relief. I'm starting to look a little more pregnant (and a little less like I've just gained some extra weight). I'm looking forward to things to come, like baby showers, buying furniture for the baby, and crocheting baby hats, booties, and blankets. I've enjoyed sharing my pregnancy-related excitement and woes with friends and family, and have so enjoyed hearing stories and advice in return.

I know that like a marathon, there are going to be trying times ahead. The hot summer weather, my increasing belly size, and my inability to enjoy running/exercising are bound to be to pregnancy what Haines Point and the 14th Street bridge fall were to the marathon. But there are exciting milestones to look forward to and I'm closer to the finish line now than I am to start. Hallelujah!


Answers to the three questions your probably dying to ask:

Q1. When are you due?
A. September 27th (which is my friend, Bethann's birthday!!)

Q2. Are you having a boy or a girl?
A. We don't know and we are NOT going to find out. It's going to be a big surprise.

Q3. What are you naming the child?
A. We're NOT going to tell you. David and I are working through a list of names (first and middle), but the final boy and girl name will be kept a secret until it is printed on the birth certificate.


Carla said...

good for you for sticking to your guns about the sex and the name. i hope that i will be able to do the same when the time comes for me. i hear people make snide comments to mothers-to-be like you who want to make everything a surprise and i hate that. mind your own business!

SARAH said...

Becky, congratulations on hitting 20 weeks! As Carla mentioned, people are really surprisingly irritated when you don't want to share names, like it's somehow their business. They almost seem personally offended. Don't let it bother you! It's great you're keeping that info private.