Wednesday, May 7, 2008


There are several awkward phases in life... there's the elementary school awkward phase: for me, 4th grade was the worst. I had braces, new glasses, and permed bangs. I wanted to dress like a tom-boy, jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes, but felt pressured into wearing dresses and (the dreaded) jumper. I had just grown out of little girls clothes' sizes, but didn't fit into or look appropriate in clothes from the juniors department. It was a bad scene all around.

My second major awkward phase took place my freshman year of high school. I grew my bangs out that year. This left me with a major hair disaster on a daily basis. I also was still pegging my pants, which is sad because it was 1993 and pegging was WAY out of style by then.

There's been other minor awkward phases in between and since, but none like the one I'm in RIGHT now...

I have outgrown the vast majority of my pants and my spring/summer tops don't fit so well either. I can squeeze into my favorite pair of jeans, but about an hour later I am uncomfortable (and often forced to unbutton them to ease the pain on my tummy). This morning, knowing that I was going to have to sit through a two hour statistics final, I put on my new maternity jeans. They are very stylish and I've been looking forward to wearing them. The only problem is they are too big. My waistline isn't quite big enough to hold them up properly, so I've walked around all day with saggy-bottomed jeans (which are dragging all over the floor), which I have to hike up over my bellybutton to ensure that they stay on my body (and not end up around my ankles). I also have a pair of maternity capri pants that are wonderfully comfortable, but they, too, are awkward. I realized when I wore them to the grocery store on Monday that part of my backside could be seen because the pants were basically falling off of me.

I'm not looking forward to gaining more weight or to watching my belly expand even more, but I am desperate to get out of my awkward phase. One would think that by the time you turn 30 the physical transition times in life would cease. I'm guessing that the awkward phases will keep coming. For now, I'm just hoping to fit into a pair of pants sometime in the near future!



School: Took the hardest final of my life this morning. It was just terrible; nothing like I expected. Can't wait to see my grade (not!).

Activities: Tonight I'm going to go for a run (my running days are numbered so I'm making the most of the time I have now with a little belly). Tomorrow is my last day of classes. I have one small assignment and a paper due by next Thursday. Then I am officially done until June.


SARAH said...

Becky, you HAVE to invest in a Bella Band. It makes the "awkward" phase so much better, I swear. Keeps your old pants (unbuttoned) up and also keeps too-big maternity jeans up. It is completely worth the $20. I got mine at, but I heard they sell them at Nordstrom too.

J and J said...

Are you taking summer school? My biggest awkward phase was 3rd grade.


Becky said...

Yes, I'm going to summer school. I am taking one required course & will be working with one of my professors. My goal is to work in Baltimore twice a week and from home/library/coffee shop the other three days.