Sunday, April 7, 2013


Truth be told...

1. I have had more Bordeaux wine in the past 24 hours than I have had in the past 35 years. D got a free bottle from our local grocery store yesterday. This evening we tried another. I'm loving the rich flavors. I'm looking forward to trying the other bottle we have in our pantry.

2. There are moments when being a parent sucks. Take tonight: I snapped an amazing picture of C naked looking out the window. It was a priceless shot. While I was uploading it to Instagram, C took the biggest poop ever on the floor. Then he proceeded to step in it. The thought of cleaning it up made me want to scream. I yelled downstairs and asked for D's help. And bless him for saying he'd clean up the poop while I got to give the kids a bath.

D earned a spot in heaven today for offering to clean up the poop when it was totally my fault and my mess.

3. I'm not sleeping well these days. My mind is a swirl. I cannot stop thinking about: where we are going to live when we move; when are we going to move; how am I going to get stuff done over the summer without child care help; will K get into the school we want to send it to her; will I find the papers I lost last weekend; can I coordinate logistics for the NYC Marathon and APHA next fall. The list of thoughts crossing my mind goes on and on...

4. We canceled Easter last weekend. D was on-call, and we didn't want to risk D being called away during dinner prep or the meal itself. It could not have been a better decision. K skipped her nap (yes, my four and a half year old needs to nap daily). Both my kids were in the bathrub at 4:30, we ate hard boilded eggs and broccoli for dinner, and both were in bed by 7:30. K woke up covered in vomit at 8:45. Obviously, D had been called away to work before dinner. When I heard K crying, it was another moment where being a mother sucks.

5. I didn't shower Wednesday or Thursday.


Sarah Carey said...

Loved this post! I have much to confess as well!

In my twenties, I showered (and washed hair) every single day. During the work week, I usually still do, but Friday, Saturday, and sometimes even Sunday--those are dry shampoo days. :)

I hate insomnia due to having so much on your mind. Hope it gets better.

Sarah Carey said...

And being a mom can suck--agreed. This is my hour of "peace" in the afternoon, and Will just woke ten minutes into his nap. Sigh.

J. said...

S.'s naps are coming to an end and it is driving me CRAZY. It's hard to get through the afternoon without that mental break.