Thursday, April 11, 2013


View of Rock Creek Park from the bridge at the National Zoo.

To saw that I'm going to miss running in RCP is an understatement. I love this place. I love the sights, sounds, trails, paths, people, bridges, flowers, and animals. I love that they close Beach Drive to cars on the weekends and give the road over to us runners, bikers, walkers, and in-line skaters.

This picture also bridges (pun intended) my running life and professional life. The little brick tunnel at the bottom of the page is an outlet for storm water. Because DC has mixed/shared storm and sewers, when there is large amounts of rain not only does a flood of rainwater flow out of these tunnels, but sewage comes out, too. Lovely. It is a huge source of water pollution; making these waters dangerous for wading or playing in. If you take a close look at this picture, above the drain there is a yellow sign. This sign alerts people to the dangers of raw sewage in the water. And instructs visitors to the park not to play in the water for health reasons.

As much as I love RCP, it breaks my heart that playing in the Creek is not an option due to sewage contamination. It really makes you think about the value of clean water.

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Nancy said...

Oh, Becky. Treasure your remaining months of running in RCP. Nearly 3 years out from leaving DC, this is STILL what I miss most about living in the District. Basically daily. Hoping your new home has great running spots nearby!