Saturday, April 6, 2013


As a parent, I'm always thinking about firsts... first steps, first birthdays, first words, first time sleeping through the night, etc...

To be honest, even with a little guy, I haven't been thinking about firsts much these days. I've been thinking about lasts...

Last weekend was our last time celebrating a major holiday at our church.

The DC Rock 'n Roll half marathon was likely my last DC race as a DC resident.

Soon I'll have my last class at Mason. Then K will have her last day of pre-K.

I'll have my last run through Rock Creek Park; my last run with my running group.

I'm thinking a lot about lasts.

I don't want to miss one. I'm going to miss DC.

In addition to thinking about all of our DC lasts, we're also creating our DC to do list. In addition to visiting all of our favorite haunts, we hope to take boat ride on the C&O Canal, visit the Udvar Hazy Center (to see a space shuttle and Concorde airplane), get family photos taken - in either Rock Creek Park or the Arboritum, visit all of the museums, and visit Rock Creek as much as possible!

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