Saturday, April 30, 2011


Last Sunday we celebrated Easter with our seventh annual seafood Easter dinner.

Our Easter began a little later than normal (read: K was up at 6:40ish; not her usual 6:05am). We got ready and rushed off to church for brunch. I stress the rushed part of the morning. We did get out of bed later than usual on Sunday. Top that off with me not having any clothes that fit - maternity clothes are too big; regular clothes too small. I hate the awkward stage of pregnancy. I ended up wearing a too small black skirt that nearly bruised my expanding belly. K, on the other hand, had a beautiful and perfectly fitting little Easter dress to wear. Unfortunately, the sleeves hurt her armpits. She cried from the moment we put the dress on until we took it off and dressed her in another dress. The real bummer is D took the tags off the dress before we realized K wouldn't wear it. Maybe our second baby will also be a girl and she'll like the dress...

We arrived at church half an hour late for the brunch. On the flip-side, we were 45 minutes early for church. All in all it was a successful morning.

After church K napped and D and I scrambled to get ready for our dinner.

K woke up and opened her Easter basket from United States Grandma and Grandpa. The sunglasses and stickers inside were a big hit; as were the cashews.

Our guests - all NINE of them (not including the three of us) - arrived around 4:30. We snacked on deviled eggs and more cashews. Around 5:30 we sat down to a feast that included:

1. baked salmon wrapped in puffed pastry and spinach;
2. baked shrimp encrusted with cornmeal - this was by far K's favorite dish of the night;
3. sauteed brussel sprouts with carmalized onions;
4. spinach salad with black beans and blue cheese;
5. homemade bread; and
6. ice-cream cones and bunny cookies for dessert.

I took very few pictures during the day. My major fail was not getting a picture of K in either one of her Easter dresses. I did successful take pictures of our appetizer, the cookies and K's casual afternoon outfit.

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