Sunday, April 24, 2011


*** written Saturday, January 29, 2011

When I wrote my goals for this year, I wasn't pregnant. And now that I am pregnant several of my goals need to change. For instance, I am not going to be able to run 1250 miles this year. More than likely I won't be running much between June and November of this year. Getting more than 100 miles per month in isn't going to happen. And so, I have revised my goals for the year; making room and planning for Baby #2.

Here's what my revised 2011 goals look like. Additions and modifications are in a GENDER NEUTRAL GREEN.


  • Get everything in place  for K to attend preschool in the fall
  • Plan one outing with K each week
    • library
    • museum
    • pool
    • spray park
  • Read to K every day
  • Introduce one new food/recipe every two weeks
  • Prepare K for the arrival of the new baby
  • Get things read for Baby #2
    • buy new crib
    • rearrange house
    • plan maternity leave

  • Plan one date night per month 
  • Plan five year wedding anniversary celebration
  • Encourage, support, and help D plan for his sabbatical
  • Train for and run at least one race together
  • Read book with D and take action accordingly
  • Plan 12 coffee dates (one per month with a freind)
  • Organize an event for K's friends and their moms quarterly
    • cookie decorating
    • backyard sprinkler party
    • picnic in RCP
  • Make and start getting out with a running buddy
  • Volunteer
    • at a local running / triathlon event
    • in one of the many neighborhood groups
  • Plan a family trip to California for Christmas 2011 
  • Run 1250 miles (that is 2011 km)
  • Achieve half fanatic status by June 2011
  • Set personal records (PRs) in half and full marathon
  • Race a 5K and a 10K
  • Run one race in my Vibrams
  • Do strength training at least twice per week
  • Cross train at least once per week
    • yoga
    • spinning
    • swimming
  • Lose 10 pounds
  • Gain a healthy amount of weight while pregnant (do not exceed first pregnancy weight)
  • Introduce K to health behaviors --- get her outside and moving at least three times per week
    • yoga
    • swimming
    • bike riding
    • walking
  • Make / try a new healthy snack each week
  • East at least 4 fruits / veggies each day
  • Defend dissertation by July 2011
  • Complete at least three papers for publication by September 2011
  • Practice patience
  • Apply only for jobs I am excited about
  • Make a list of what I really want to do and necessary steps to get there by June 2011
  • Write out 3-, 5-, and 10- year goals
  • Explore some non-traditional part-time opportunities
  • Set aside enough money to pay for K's preschool 
  • Brainstorm ideas to make extra money
  • Make plans to pay for delivery of Baby #2 and insurance of Baby #2
  • Paint, furnish, and decorate K's big girl room
  • Make space / room for Baby #2
  • Paint living room
  • Choose color and paint our bedroom
  • Plant garden with K in the spring
  • Read books on my to be read list:
    • Born To Run
    • Breaking Dawn
    • Celebration of Discipline
    • Anatomy of the Soul
    • Me, Myself, and Bob
    • Run Like a Mother
    • Chi Running
    • Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families
    • The Help
  • Read Bible (all of it before end of year)
  • Learn how to use my camera
  • Plan a me outing each month
    • spring shopping with ACE
    • afternoon at the library reading
    • walk around The Mall 
  • Pay for and get one massage
  • Complete a year long photo challenge (commence in February)
  • Save money for:
  • Get spinning instructors certification 
  • Have a natural childbirth

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Reading YOUR list makes ME feel more organized and coherent and I don't even have a freaking list! Inspirational for sure! I also love how you have to get a crib for Baby 2!

I gained two pounds less with Will and he was/is a mammoth baby so I can't wait to see what you, Carla and you-know-who produce!

I also want to check out Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families.

Hope you meet all your goals this year!