Friday, April 22, 2011


***written Thursday, January 27, 2011

Webster's Dictionary defines IRONIC as: coincidental; unexpected

The events of the past week have been in more ways than one IRONIC. Last week over the MLK Jr holiday, we moved K into her big girl bed. I was sad to see the crib disassembled, but I was eager to get the crib out of our house. I remember saying to D (and others), "even if I were pregnant right now, we wouldn't need a crib for another year. Let's just sell this one on craigslist and buy a new one if and when we need it."

D was thrilled not to have to find a spot to store a crib. We took a set of pictures of the crib together and then took it apart. Before posting an ad on craigslist, I mentioned to a pregnant friend that we were getting rid of K's old crib and she offered to buy it. Sweet. She and her husband made arrangements to pick it up from us on Monday evening.

On Monday afternoon, I met a friend for coffee. We had a delightful time. After sucking down a warm chai tea, I walked with my friend to Target to get a couple of groceries and some soap. While walking through the pharmacy section of the Target, it occurred to me that I was late.


Do I buy a pregnancy test? Or wait it out a week?

Obviously I bought a test and ran right into the bathroom at Target to pee on a stick.

And wouldn't you know it? POSITIVE. No need to wait the three minutes. I got an immediate positive result.

HOLY CRAP. Pregnant with baby #2.

I went home and after the nanny and the other family in our nanny-share left I took another test (you cannot be too sure). Positive. Again.

I stuck both positive tests in my pocket and spent some time with my baby until D got home. As I was reading K Fox in Socks for the 10,000th time, I was thinking about how I was going to tell D. I had a plan. Then moments after D arrived home, I got out of bed where K and I were reading an the test fell out of my pocket. K asked what it was; I said a pen. D noticed it was not a pen. I handed off both tests when we were in the kitchen getting ready for dinner. Not the most dramatic way of telling him, but the message was relayed.

Moments later, our friends knocked on the door and loaded up our crib. So with Baby 2 on the way, we don't have a crib. Isn't that ironic?

As of right now, I'm about four weeks along. So my insides are looking something like this:
I'm feeling ok. At nights I'm experiencing sea-sickness, and during the day I've had some mild headaches. My anxiety related to being pregnant is significantly less than the first time around. I'm actually excited and looking forward to hearing the baby's heartbeat at my first OB appointment (still to be scheduled). 

According to the online calculator, my due date is between September 30 and October 3.


Sarah said...

Yay! I love that you took a pregnancy test IN Target! That's awesome.

WASPY GIRL said...

Yay! I also think it's funny about Target.

Carla said...

too bad you weren't in a mini-mart sucking down Sunny D ala Juno!

props to you for doing it without D around, i always waited for John to come home before I peed on the stick.

Becca said...

I am so excited to read the post-dated posts! It's like re-living all the stories you shared when I was in DC. So excited for you!

Katherine said...

Congrats! Love the story. Very exciting