Tuesday, October 13, 2009


It's official: I have the flu.

After three days with a fever, soar throat, clogged ears, and a headache, I finally made my way up to the doctor this morning (special thanks to D for taking the morning off and hanging with the K - they enjoyed mushroom, pea, artichoke empanadas for breakfast!). And it is confirmed I have the flu. My rapid strep test came back negative and I do not have an ear infection (which I was sure I had). I do have the flu.

I got a written note/excuse from school for the remainder of the week. I have an exam tomorrow that I haven't been able to think about, let alone study for. They don't want me back on campus until next Monday because I have germs and they want me to get completely well.

Being a mom and being sick SUCKS. My parents were here over the weekend so thankfully I had two extra sets of hands to help out. Sunday morning D got to sleep in while I vegged on the couch while my mum and dad played with the K. Sunday afternoon D and K went crawling all over our street (and many of the front steps of our neighbors); I slept. I got K to bed on Sunday night and was asleep soon afterwards. Monday I stayed home (my high temperature for the day was 103.5); K went to her nanny share. Last night we had a rough night. I went to bed with a temperature of 102.7. K woke up SCREAMING at 1am. D went in to calm her down and she wanted nothing to do with him. I finally went in and she was all "let's snuggle", but not at all in the mood to sleep. I tried letting her cry herself to sleep, rocking her, patting her, walking with her, etc... Nothing worked. We were up until 3am together. She finally went to sleep around 3am and slept until after 7. A two hour interruption in my sleep while sick was not what I wanted. My fever was down a little this morning, but my throat is still hurting A LOT.

D went to work around 1pm. I'm home with an active 1 YEAR OLD (we'll save that story for another post), who just wants my attention. She wants to be chased and carried, fed and danced with. And I just don't have it in me. I'm counting down the minutes to nap time and the hours until D gets home.


Running: "they" say you shouldn't do any training runs while running a fever. I haven't been out on the road since last Thursday (missed a 13 mile run over the weekend). I'm a little nervous about the impact this will have on my marathon run. Here's hoping I can get back out there by Thursday.


nora said...

I'm sorry to hear you're so sick! Being sick with a kid at home is the worst. I'm curious - as an epidemiolgist, had you gotten a flu shot, or were/are you planning on getting one?

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry. I hope you feel better soon. So nice to have Chuck and Ginny help out for a little while.


Sarah said...

Sorry you don't feel well! :(