Monday, October 5, 2009


They say that if you're running more than a 10K you need to think about nutrition during your training runs and event. I learned this is true the hard way...

My first endurance event was an Olympic distance triathlon, which I trained for with Team In Training. During the training program we learned a lot about proper nutrition and hydration. Unfortunately during my triathlon I just couldn't get myself to eat and I barely drank during the entire event. And my body was not too happy about it. I was so sick the day of and after the race that I could barely get myself out of bed. I thought I had learned my lesson...

During my first marathon, I ate and drank throughout the race and felt great at the finish. My second marathon...not so much. I drank well throughout the race, but ate poorly. I barely finished. And I felt like crap for days afterwards.

By now... during the training for my third marathon, you think I would know about what my body needs. But this weekend, I realized I don't know my body as well as I thought. I had my last 20+ mile run on Saturday. And I ran hard. I ran my normal 21 mile loop and completed it 5 minutes faster than I did two weeks ago. Yeah me! I drank well during the run - refilled at my normal spots. And I ate well, too. Gummy bears and power bars.

What I didn't factor into my nutrition equation was that I didn't drink much before heading out on my run. I didn't start out hydrated. I was dehydrated before I even began running.


I felt great during the run, but suffered the consequences of dehydration afterwards. I got home from my run in time to feed K dinner and shower before she went to sleep. I put her to bed and proceeded to pass out for about 2 and a 1/2 hours before getting up to eat dinner, drink some water, and brush my teeth before heading back to bed. Thankfully I woke up Sunday morning feeling much better. Thank. you.God.

I did learn a HUGE lesson about my body and the need to pre-hydrate before a big race. I will take all my hard-learned knowledge with me to NYC in 27 days.

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