Friday, July 17, 2009


I was going to title this post "BITCHES" because it is about three women I have encountered during the past 48 hours and, well, they were bitches. But after two nights of decent (still interrupted) sleep, I've decided to put a somewhat positive spin on it. This is what not to do...

On Wednesday morning I took K out in her new jogging stroller (more on this below) for a run. We were moving right along when a woman in her pipped out Cadillac yelled at me from the passenger's side window of her car. I think she was trying to tell me something about K's head. She was yelling "you're hurting her head; look at her head." I think she was trying to tell me that the visor on the stroller wasn't completely covering K's face and head and the sun was hitting her. I see this, bitch. She's fine; she has 50 spf sunscreen on. And we're about to round the corner and the sun will be completely off of her. She's fine. We do this EVERY DAY. And who the hell are you? Are you telling me I'm a bad mother because I let a little bit of sun hit my baby? Isn't fresh air good for her? and what about a little vitamin D?

As you can probably guess I was super pissed. How dare she drive by slowly and tell me that I'm not doing a good job as a mother? What not to do... offer unsolicited advise to a mom.

My next encounter with bitch #2 occurred yesterday during my late evening run. K and I were crossing the street when another mom and her toddler in an umbrella stroller passed by us. As we were crossing paths the other mom sneezed twice and did NOT cover her mouth. She sneezed all over both K and I. Without evening thinking the words, "cover your mouth," came out of my mouth and I know she heard me. My tone of voice was extremely rude; however, someone needs to let the lady know that sneezing and not covering your mouth is something you simply do not do. Have you heard of these little things called germs?!?!

My third encounter with a bitch took place two or three blocks after I encountered the sneezer. This women wasn't so much of a bitch as she was a dumb-ass. She was approaching a VERY busy intersection at rush hour with her two daughters (one in a stroller; the other about four). The four year old was pushing the stroller while said mother walked about 10 or so feet behind talking on her cell phone. The little girl pushing the stroller let go of it as the sidewalk started on a downhill and the stroller was making its way into oncoming traffic. The mother, so wrapped up in her cell phone call, didn't even notice what was happening until a very nice and brave gentleman ran into the street, into oncoming traffic, to slow cars down and grab the stroller. His yelling got the attention of the mother who closed her phone and then ran for her baby in the stroller. I wanted to hit her for not paying attention. And from the look on the man's face who saved the day, I think he wanted to hit her, too. What not to do... where do I begin? Let's just say paying close attention to your young children has to be a parent's priority.


Jogging stroller: we were given a used jogging stroller from a good friend and it lasted about three months. We used it hard - running up to 15 miles a week and using it to get K back and forth to our nanny share. When we realized that we needed a new stroller, I did some research and picked two strollers I would buy if money were not an object. And then I began trolling craigslist to find one of the two strollers. I prayed one would materialize. And it did. We got our new stroller from a family that used it all of three times. We had to drive more than 1/2 hour to pick the stroller up, but we only paid $50. What a steal... And it is beautiful - black and grey with sky blue accents. And, much to my surprise, I love the built in music system. When K starts to get grumpy on a run, I hit play and she just laughs.

Craigslist: we also sold our rocking chair/glider on craigslist. We were planning to sell it for $50 (to offset the stroller), but when D moved it to take a couple of pictures we saw that it had a Pottery Barn sticker on it (we were given the chair as a hand-me-down). We upped the price to $100 and it sold within 10 minutes. SCORE!

Today: need to go to the Yes! grocery store to buy K her plain soy yogurt. She loves it! And we go through it quickly, but only the organic stores carry the plain soy stuff. It's worth the walk to see her so happy.

Weekend: 10 mile run to do this weekend. Working with D to schedule time to get it done.

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Sarah said...

I'd like to think people are genuinely concerned when the give unsolicited advice, but it still infuriates me!