Sunday, July 19, 2009


I'm about to set off on a 10 mile run. Training has been hard this week. Hot temperatures and a lack of sleep are the leading contributors to my bad running. I'm also doing several runs a week with my 28.5 pound jogging stroller and 16+ pound baby. It's hard work.

Yesterday I spent some time online looking for a marathon course map and elevation map (to be sure there weren't too many crazy, long, steep hills). I found both maps. The course is awesome - through all five boroughs and across some of the iconic NYC bridges ending in Central Park. I plan to run with my camera so I can capture it all. The elevation map illustrated a couple of hills, but nothing dramatic. If I can push the stroller and the baby up the 13th Street NW hill from Florida Ave to Clifton Street (and keep going when it levels off), I can take on the NYC hills.

In addition to finding both maps, I also found this inspirational video. It brought me to tears. And got me REALLY excited for today's run. I cannot wait for November 1st, and I'm going to enjoy all the training runs between then and now.

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