Saturday, July 11, 2009


Yesterday morning I attempted to walk up the stairs from our first floor to the second. I wasn't carrying anything; nor was I rushing. I was just being me. And being me in this case resulted in me missing the first step and twisting my fourth toe in the wrong direction. I'm not sure what really happened or how, but I do know that it hurt. And it still hurts 24 hours later.

After the incident, I took K for a morning walk to the library (about 5 blocks from our house). When I took my shoe off after the walk, this is what I saw...

Front view:

Back view:

I'm pretty sure my toe is broken. Although I don't want to admit this to myself, I think I heard a little snap when I fell/tripped. And I know there was instant pain.

This morning my toe was a little bit puffier, but not as painful. I went out for a 4 mile run and it didn't bother me too much. After my run, I taped my toe to the one next to it for support and am planning to ice.

I'm surprised by the amount of pain I'm in. This time last weekend I had just finished a 10 mile run (at a fast pace) and was feeling great. Now I'm bitching and moaning about the fourth smallest toe on my body. Funny how such small things can cause such troubles.


Agreement: D and I believe we have decided on a new couch. We found it online and plan to go see it (and sit on it) this afternoon. If all goes well, we'll be the owners of a new couch in a few hours. (It's about time...)

Sleep: K woke up around 11pm, but then slept peacefully until 5:15am. Hopefully she'll be back to her normal routine of 8pm to 5:45am soon. I believe she is cutting her 12 month molars, which could be the cause of the messed up sleep.

Today: couch and grocery shopping. Also need to do laundry and finish a baby gift.


Sarah said...

Sorry about your toe!

Hope you like the couch!

WASPy Girl said...

Your toenails look good, anyway.

Becky said...

Thanks. I went with red polish to 'hide' the bruise. I think I may lose my fourth toenail as a consequence of the injury. We'll see...