Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The past couple of days (read: week and a half) have been awful. My longest stretch of sleep has been about 5 hours. My longest stretch of being awake with a SCREAMING baby is now at 2.5 hours. Nighttime at our house is now dreaded. A month ago I was complaining about a baby who ONLY slept until 5:45am (after being put down at 8pm). I could kick myself. Now I have a 9 month old who is sleeping like an infant - up every couple of hours, eating about every three.

Seriously, I am at the end of my rope. Last night K woke up a little after 11pm. She nursed and went back to sleep. She was up again at 1am. D could not calm her down. I tried to nurse her - no good (she was full, obviously). So I tried to get her back to sleep. I tried rocking her. She arched her back and screamed. I tried walking her. Again, back arching and screaming. After about an hour of this. I put her down in her crib and walked out of the room. I went in and checked on her every 15 minutes for the next 45 minutes. She would not settle down. Around 3am, we did a quick diaper change and gave her some tylenol. She slept from about 3:40 to 6:15.

I feel like complete crap today. D let me sleep from 6:30-8:15 and I needed it. Our nanny is on vacation until the beginning of August so it is just K and me day-in-and-day-out. When the nights are LONG, our days together can also be long. It is freaking exhausting. Not sure going to work would make me any less tired, but I think I need a little distance/time to myself. Since that's not in the cards, we are planning our days carefully and are going to try putting K to bed earlier. I've done a lot of reading about 9 month olds who stop sleeping well and lots of people say it is because they are overtired. We're going to push bedtime up half and hour beginning tomorrow to see what happens.


Today: K is sleeping now. I'm planning to go back to bed, too. We're going to go out for a morning/lunchtime run (with our new jogging stroller) and after our afternoon naps head up to Baltimore to hang out with friends. The trip to Baltimore is what is preventing us from beginning our go to bed half and hour early tonight plan.


nora said...

Becky, I'm so sorry to hear K is such a tough sleeper. Ellen is still up 2 or 3x per night to eat (she's 11.5 mo), and since I am going back to work in about 6 weeks and want to be WEANED by then, I HAVE to stop the night feedings - but am terrified. Sleepless mommies of big babies, unite!

Sarah said...

Becky, all I can say is: I FEEL FOR YOU. DEEPLY.

Sarah said...

Just wanted to let you know I feel for you even MORE this morning. B has been waking screaming at 5 a.m. for over a week, but last night was up from 9-11 and then woke screaming at 4. And I'm not up for surgery at 6! What can I say? Life is just a walk in the park at my house.

Sarah said...

I meant to write "now up." :)