Saturday, May 16, 2009


K is crawling everywhere. Seriously, the girl is on the move ALL THE TIME. She loves to chase after the cat; loves to go after his food and water. She also thinks its funny to crawl under things - such as her crib, bouncy chair or the dining room table. Last night I went in to check on her around 10:15 and she was asleep with her face plastered into the corner of her crib. Not wanting her to bang her head against the bars, I gently pulled her into the center of the crib. And what did she do? In her sleep, she crawled back tot he corner of the crib. I pulled her again to the center. And she sleep-crawled back to the corner.

Crawling is hard work. She gets tired quickly and will resort to sliding around on her belly when her arms are too tired to hold her body up to crawl properly. Crawling is also taking its toll on her knees. They are constantly red and bruised. Here's what they looked like after a morning of crawling around the house in just a diaper and top...

I need to be more diligent about putting her kneepads on!

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