Thursday, December 18, 2008


Foods that remind me of Christmas:

1. white chocolate peppermint crunch candy
2. hot chocolate
3. cinnamon stick cookies
4. molasses cut out cookies
5. snickerdoodles with either red or green sprinkles
6. peppermint stick ice-cream

The white chocolate peppermint crunch candy has been made. It is beautiful. Unfortunately, I don't like it. We'll be giving it all away.

I had fabulous hot chocolate last night. It was an organic powder mix from Trader Joes. So good...

This year is the first time since college that I haven't made cookies. I'm pretty sure my mom has made the cut out cookies and snickerdoodles. I'll be sure to grab a few of each from her stash. I know she hasn't made the cinnamon stick cookies because she thinks they are too cinnamon-ie (I don't think such a taste can't have too much cinnamon). She also thinks the cinnamon cookies make other cookies on a plate together taste like cinnamon. I think as a birthday gift to myself, I might make a half recipe to enjoy.

As for peppermint stick ice-cream, it is hard to come by. I'm craving a large mug of creamy hot chocolate with a scoop of peppermint ice-cream. Hopefully I'll be able to find the ice-cream in the next couple of days. However, it may be better for my waistline and hips if I don't find it.


Today: went to school to meet with my study group. It was a good meeting and the baby was an angel.

Tonight: we're going to deliver bread and candy to all of our neighbors. Then we're having spaghetti and "meat" sauce for dinner.

Bummer of the day: I dressed the baby up in a beautiful WHITE Christmas outfit today. And, obviously, she had a large diaper explosion. It was so big that the Baby Bjorn needs to be washed. Here's hoping we can get the stain out of her outfit...

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