Thursday, December 4, 2008


I'm sure you've all seen (either in-person or on the Discovery Channel) violence in nature... a shark jumps out of the water to capture a seal; a lion devours its prey; an alligator attacks and drowns an unsuspecting zebra, or a dog hunts down a baby bunny. One expects these acts of violence out in the wild. You don't expect them to take place in your backyard, especially when you live in the city. Unfortunately, they do take place in your backyard...

This morning I looked out our back window only to find a huge black crow sitting on our fence. He was busy doing something so I gave him a closer look. And what did I see???

Just a crow sitting on my fence eating the head off a baby rat. That's right... the big bird draped the tiny rat over the fence and was eating it from the head down. As I watched from the downstairs window, D watched from upstairs. After the crow flew away, we met on the steps to see if the other had seen the brutal act that took place in our backyard. D went outside to see what had been left behind, And what did he find? Oh... just a half eaten rat (without a head) and chunks of rat flesh stuck in our fence.


Being the wonderful husband that he is, he took several trash bags outside and cleaned up the mess. After he came back inside the crow was back with a couple if friends looking for the remains of its kill. Seeing that the rat was gone, the crows flew away.

Hopefully we'll never see anything like this again.

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Ruthie said...

I still have the look of horror frozen on my face. I'd keep those Alfred Hitchcock birds away from your sweet baby girl!!