Tuesday, April 24, 2012


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Yesterday, like most Mondays, I went to my spinning class at lunchtime. I've found that when I'm working long days (teaching in the evenings) I need to break my day up into chunks. Working in the morning, then spinning at lunch, returning to work in the early afternoon, office hours in the late afternoon, and then class - seems to be a schedule that works for me.

And I SO enjoy spinning.

Yesterday the regular instructor, who was away the past couple of weeks, returned. And she worked us so hard. We warmed up and then didn't stop working HARD for the next 50 minutes. We did sprints, climbs, and dances (basically standing up and down and changing positions every couple of seconds with the beat) again and again and again. There was no recovery.

After half an hour, people - regulars to the class - started leaving. It was that hard.

It was a spin class on crack.

It was so hard. I pushed so hard.

Our instructor, G, kept saying, "Dig deep. Go faster. Make this one your best." And I tried. I worked so stinking hard.

This morning when I heard C wake up around 5:45 I went to get out of bed and it hurt. Really hurt. I hobbled into the kids' room and picked up C. It wasn't pretty. It was painful.

But the bad feels SO good.

I'm excited that I'm free to take the Thursday lunchtime spin class - also taught by G - this week. I'm looking forward to her kicking my butt again!

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fancy nancy said...

Spinning always has a way of making me feel so badass!! I miss it...we don't have a good class at our gym here!