Sunday, April 29, 2012


Q: What do these three things - a fox, a hawk, and a bunny - have in common?

A: I saw all three while out for a run yesterday morning.

Yesterday morning I met up with PC, a new running buddy, at a marina along the Potomac River. After a few pleasantries, we took a quick walk and picked up a nearby trail. Our run took us along the River to Arlington Cemetery. We then ran up the hill by the Iwo Jima Memorial. Afterward we ran through Rosslyn and picked up the Capital Crescent Trail from there.

The Capital Crescent Trail took us west along Route 66 and into Arlington.

About 3.5 miles into the run I looked down into a ravine and there was a fox. He was just walking along. He looked to be wounded; limping along. But seriously. A fox. Three miles from downtown DC. Another mile later, close to our turn around point, we saw a bunny just hopping along the side of the trail. Cute as can be.

On our return trip as we were coming down the hill by Iwo Jima, we spotted a hawk. He fly right in front of our path and perched in a tree.

In my ten years living and running in DC, this was the most wildlife I've ever seen.

And, obviously, I forgot my camera in the car.

All in all, it was a great run. 10 miles all before 9am. A new running buddy. And a great new hilly running route.


ImTheMarigold said...

Thanks for the fantastic company yesterday! Let's do it again soon!

slowly growing old together said...

Absolutely. I'd love it!