Friday, June 11, 2010


Now that classes are over, summer is here, marathon training is about to commence, and I am re-motivated to get my *ss in gear, I've decided I need a little structure and a little cross training in my life. I've decided to use my lunch time at school each day to get my exercise in. Breaking up the day with a little mid-day exercise has been great. I'm more awake around 3pm and the afternoon hours seem to fly by.

I'm at school M, W, and Th.

On Mondays I plan to run at home before taking K to our friend's house for the day (it is the other mom's turn for the mommy-share). On Wednesdays I've been running at the gym and doing some ab work.

Thursday has become SPINNING day.

I took my first spinning class in six years yesterday.

It kicked my butt.

I haven't sweated that much since I ran 20 miles last summer in the DC heat.

My legs haven't been so sore in ages.

I haven't pushed my self so intensely in a L-O-N-G time.

I haven't had that much fun exercising since the NYC marathon.

I loved it.

I love that my bottom hurts from the saddle and that all of my leg muscles are sore today.

I loved it so much that I can totally see myself becoming a certified spin instructor and teaching my own classes some day. Seriously, how much fun would that be?!?!

I also loved my instructor, Julie. She had great music and was full of encouragement. She paid me a HUGE compliment by telling me I looked like I had been spinning for years and that there was no way I was a virgin spinner. Love her for telling me I had an awesome first class! I'm so excited for next Thursday and completely bummed that the only other spinning class she's teaching this summer is on Friday evenings from 6-7 (that totally doesn't work with my schedule).

I tried my hardest to keep up with the class on Thursday, but quickly realized I was out of my league. I have a lot of room for improvement.

I know that spinning is going to make my legs stronger and increase my endurance.

I also know that having fun and working so hard is going to help me in so many ways: I'll feel better about myself, I'll enjoy exercise more, I'll probably lose some extra weight, and I might even make a spinning class friend or two.

Here's to a summer of spinning classes, a lot of sweating, and great cross-training.

Stronger legs and leaner body... HERE I COME!

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School: I turned in the first 1/2 of the first chapter of my dissertation to my advisor this evening. Pen has been put to paper...I'm writing my DISSERTATION!

Weekend: we are so freaking busy... my friend Heather is coming to visit tomorrow morning, we have a 40th b-day party to attend tomorrow afternoon, and a wedding on Sunday.

Dinner: BBQ seitan with spicy cabbage.

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