Monday, June 14, 2010


For weeks (possibly months) K has refused to say YES.

She perfected no-no-no-no-no forever ago, but yes was a long time coming.

A couple of months ago, something clicked in her little mind and you could tell she knew the difference between yes and no. We went through a long period of time where her no would actually mean yes.

Often D or I would say, and by no you mean yes.

A couple of months ago, K started saying GO-GO for yes.

Conversations would go something like this...

Me: K would you like some milk?
K: go-go.

Me: K would you like to draw?
K: go-go.

Me: K we're going to the pool are you ready?
K: go-go.

Me: K do you have a poopy diaper?
K: go-go.

Not sure how, when or why go-go became her phrase of choice for yes, but it did. I truly came to love hearing her little go-go's throughout the day. I'd ask for a kiss. She'd say go-go and plant a big one on my lips. Super sweet.

Well, the time of go-go has quickly come to an end. Last week in Florida she began saying yes more and more. And now, when she needs to positively respond to a question she says yes enthusiastically.

I'm a little sad.


Speaking of go-go...

We purchased tickets to fly to Taiwan this summer. Taiwan family, we're coming! I haven't been to Taiwan since the summer of 2007. So looking forward to going back. Cannot wait to see D's family (I'm sure the boys are so big) and am excited for all the wonderful Taiwanese food.


Becky said...

So glad I got to witness the "gogo" before it went-went :)

Becky said...

SO so glad I got to witness the "gogo" before it went-went. And SO super glad I got to see you and K in Florida. Thanks again for coming!!!