Sunday, June 20, 2010


This past week I watched K and her little buddy twice. That's two full days with two active toddlers.

It was exhausting.

With two structure, entertainment, planning, and activities are necessary. I've gotten good at planning Tuesdays when I regularly have both kids. But by the second day this week with two, I was really tired. We had some plans, but I also needed some grace/luck to help the day go by quickly and smoothly.

As luck would have it...

Thursdays are trash pick-up day. Both kids LOVE trash trucks (is there a kid out there who doesn't?!?).

And we were lucky enough to have the trash truck park behind our house for a little while that morning. And they they went up and down our ally - driving forwards and backwards (or back-ho as K calls it) for quite some time.

It was about 15 minutes of perfect and unplanned (not to mention FREE) entertainment for both the kids.

Here they are captivated by all of the trash truck activity outside.


TerryProff said...

it is the little things in life that suprise us with how wonderful they truely are...
one of your lurkers

WASPY GIRL said...

Very cute picture!

Sarah said...

What a GREAT picture! Love it.