Saturday, September 19, 2009


K loves to dance.

Before she was on-the-move, she enjoyed music. Her favorite CD is by Elizabeth Mitchell and is all about birdies. Track #4 is a real crowd pleaser. While on vacation last month, we enjoyed watching K crawl over to the little iPod speaker set. It was there, in front of the speakers, that she found her groove. The little girl will sit on her knees and bounce up and down in time with the music. She's quite good at finding the beat. And the girl will dance to anything - from her singing nursery rhyme book to Aqueduct.

This evening she was overly tired (no afternoon nap) and was cranky about everything. D and I were hanging out with her in our room. She was really clingy - pretty much had to be within touching distance of one of us - until she heard the music (being played on the computer in the office). She crawled her little self to the doorway of the office, stopped, got up on her knees, and found the beat. She's even added a little shoulder shake to her dancing routine (a nice complement to her bouncing up and down). It is so stinking cute.

We are trying to capture her dancing on video, but it harder than one would think. Somehow turning the camera on translates into "stop dancing NOW". Hopefully we'll get some footage to share with folks in the days to come.

And here's hoping she keeps dancing and gets into Juilliard!


Sarah said...

I can't think of anything more cute than babies dancing. B loves to rock out, but you're right--once the camera's on, he's done. :(

Ruthie said...

Too cute! Our little one also enjoys dancing (although I agree that it is hard to capture on camera). Recently, she's discovered disco club music!

Ruthie said...

They have "Baby Loves Disco" events in Boston. I'm sure they offer the same in the DC area. I bet little K would love that!

On an unrelated note, have you guys talk about taking K to visit relatives in Tawian? I'm debating doing so with L.

On one hand, it would be really nice to have her meet my grandmother (plus, infants under 2 fly free). On the other hand, I can barely contain her in a 1 hour carride, not sure how she would handle a 20+ hour flight...

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