Sunday, September 27, 2009


Several months ago a friend of mine gave me a TON of hand-me-down clothes. At the time they looked huge; K would never fit into clothes that big. But she's grown and all those BIG clothes are starting to fit. The moment I took these pants out of the bag, I was in love with them...

Seriously, how could you not love velor vertical striped pants in pink, brown and blue?

K wore these pants with a pink top in the AM and a blue top in the PM (she usually requires a change after lunch). The blue top with the pants and her new robeez looked especially retro.

She'll be wearing these pants as frequently as possible until they fit no more.


New shoes: purchased at the consignment store on Capitol Hill, my new favorite place to shop.

Sleep: didn't get too much of it last night. K was up from midnight to 3am and then up again for the day at 5:30. I'm heading to bed as soon as we finish eating dinner.

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