Tuesday, June 30, 2009

(only) 91 TO GO...

That's 91 more training runs before the NYC Marathon.

Right? Wrong...

Ninety-one more runs seems like an awful lot. So does running 26.2 miles. But, honestly, I could not be more excited. Training officially started yesterday. I'm following the NY Road Runners Association training plan - for the most part. I'm going to keep up with the recommended mileage per week, but may do my runs on different days from the plan - to better accommodate my schedule.

To jump-start my training, I went for an hour long run on Sunday. Before deciding to use the training plan, I decided that I would train in such a way that each month I would increase my long run time by an hour. In June I would have to complete an hour long run; 2 hours in July; 3 in August; and 4 in September. If I can run 4 hours straight prior to race-day, I'll have no trouble finishing the race. So, I ran my first hour long run on Sunday. It felt great. I measured most of the run distance by car on Monday and believe I ran a little more than six miles. Seems like a good start...

D has also been a great motivator to me. On Sunday he completed the Philadelphia Triathlon. Just hearing him talk about the race and the sense of fulfillment and pride was extremely motivating to me. I'm also crazy proud of how well he did. Way to go!

To keep me motivated throughout the training, I am putting together a couple of running music mixes. Songs I can take along with me when I'm out there on my own. This is the first time I'm training for a marathon without D. Not having someone out with me on the long runs (in the middle of the freaking summer) is somewhat disheartening. So I'm going to put together the best-of-the-best mix to keep me motivated. If you have any songs that HAVE to go on playlist, please let me know. Note: I will not be caught dead wearing my iPod and running with a jogging stroller. When I'm out with K, there will be no music. Music is only allowed when I'm running alone.


Weekend run: I have an 8-miler scheduled for this weekend. D is going to do it with me.

Cross-training: I have instituted a cross-training schedule, which includes resistance training (light weights and a resistance band), sit-ups and push-ups.

Today: home with the K. She had a terrible afternoon nap (if you can even call it that). We're off to the library in a few minutes and then Target. Hopefully she'll sleep along the way.

Long-weekend: so looking forward to having D home for a three day weekend! And excited that Becky L is coming into town. If only I could go tubing with everyone on Friday... (boo hoo for me.)


WASPy Girl said...

come visit! you have an open invitation. we also need 2 get 2 dc. would love to see K.

Becky said...

Seriously... our nanny is on vacation for three weeks beginning next Monday, the 13th. It's just K and me - plus D is working several weekends. I'll send you an email and schedule a time. I'd love to take a little day trip.