Monday, June 8, 2009


It was a great weekend to sell things on craigslist. We sold a stroller and one of those backpacks to carry a kid within a matter of minutes. Two families arrived at our house ON TIME yesterday afternoon, took a quick look at the merchandise, and paid with cash. Sweet. And it looks like we have someone interested in buying a diaper genie, which we don't need because we're all crunchy and using reusable diaper. One more thing gone!

We also got rid of my papasan chair. We ended up giving it away. Although the cushions were new, the bamboo frame was broken and duct-taped together a la MacGyver. A nice couple, expecting twin boys in the coming weeks, picked it up and was so excited about it.

It was such a successful weekend I am regretting not reposting the cat on craigslist. Maybe we could have offloaded him, too. Maybe next week.

We've offered our glider/rocker to friends. If they don't claim it in the next day, we'll be posting a white glider with blue cushions on craigslist.


Today: I'm at home with the K. Our nanny had surgery on Friday and is home recovering. Today is domestic day: laundry, baby food making, errands, mopping, and ironing.

Tomorrow: I'm at home with the K, as scheduled. It will be a work day: scheduling meetings, finishing reading list for course syllabus, and registering for classes next fall. Also need to renew some library books.

Yesterday: in addition to successful craigslisting, I went out for a 'long' run yesterday. It was my first 5 mile run since I quit running last spring. It went well. K was with me. We had a lot of fun together! We did the run at Haines Point along the Potomac River. It was lovely and so flat. I do miss The Awakening statue that used to sit at the tip of the peninsula. Why did they have to go and move it?

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