Monday, June 1, 2009


Cigars... are they the new cool thing to smoke?

Seriously, I've seen/smelled more people smoking cigars than cigarettes recently. My most recent cigar siting took place last night in the grocery store. I ran over to the local market to pick up this week's edition of People magazine (more on this below). I was standing between two registers looking for the magazine when a lady behind me tapped me on the shoulder and yelled:

"I'll beat you" at me.

Puzzled. And frightened. I turned around and there was the woman with a huge unlit stogy hanging from her lips. She thought I was cutting in front of her. When I explained, as politely as possible, that I was looking for a magazine, she took the cigar out of her mouth and said, "ok" as I quickly walked away.

So what's the deal with cigars? And what's up with women and cigars? Of all my cigar sitings during the past couple of weeks, at least half of the cigar smokers were women. I just don't get it. Gross, gross, gross. The first time I spied/smelled a woman smoking a cigar (about a week ago) she was walking her four kids to the metro. It was deplorable. Unhealthy. Disgusting. Totally unbecoming.


People magazine: EVERYONE should go out and get this week's edition. My good friend is featured as this week's "Hero Among Us" for her work as a teacher. Not only is she one of the best teachers around, but she's also a quadriplegic. The article on her is really nicely done and there's a fabulous picture of her.

Today: going to finish the first draft of a syllabus for a class I'm designing with two professors. Must get said draft turned in today.

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