Friday, January 23, 2009


Last night had its high and low points. The highs include going to bed before 10pm after a wonderful dinner and some leisure reading (more on the reading in a couple of days when I finish my book). The baby did wake up around 10:40pm, but all it took to get her screaming to stop was my placing a firm hand on her chest. She was back asleep before 10:45. Yipee! The real highlight/milestone of the night was that the baby slept until 4am. That is more than five hours of glorious sleep. Hallelujah! To make it an even better night, she nursed for a solid ten minutes and was done. I put her back in her bed and she just "talked" herself back to sleep. No crying; no fussing; no pacifier; no hand getting out of the swaddling for finger sucking. Just talking. It was as if the polka-dots on her crib bumper were talking back to her and boring her to sleep. She slept until nearly 7:30am, which means I slept until 7:30am. I feel more rested today than I have in MONTHS. I'm ready to take on the world...

The bad part of the night was my nightmare. I cannot remember what I was dreaming about, but I woke up around 1:30am screaming. I woke D up - scared him to death. He tried to calm me down and was even willing to talk to me about my dream, but all I wanted was a hug and to go back to bed. I cannot remember the last time a bad dream woke me up. It must of been EXTREMELY scary. Luckily my scream didn't wake the baby.


Today: have to run over to Staples to print out a 59 page chapter on linear algebra. I have some fun reading ahead of me this weekend.

Weather: its supposed to be 55 degrees today. I can't wait to get out for a walk this afternoon and hopefully a run this evening.

Two things I'm loving these days: 1) the baby's new diapers - BumGenius 3.0, and 2) my new running shoes.

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