Monday, January 19, 2009


Three years ago the Steelers had just won the AFC title and were on their way to the Superbowl. I watched the AFC championship game in 2006 with David, who at the time was my fiance. We sat on the floor in my English basement apartment on Capitol Hill watching the game on my 13 inch TV. We were sitting on the floor because I had no furniture in my apartment. Seriously, NOTHING (minus the TV, which I kept b/c I didn't want to miss the Steelers game and I had FREE cable at that apartment). The weekend before we had either moved everything to our new apartment, sold it on craigslist, or took it to the dump. So there we were... this cute couple, eager to be married, cuddling under a sleeping bag, cheering the Steelers to victory. In truth, I did all of the cheering. David decided it was the perfect opportunity to take a nap. He woke up in time to give me a hug at the end of the game.

Last night David and I watched the Steelers win another AFC title game. And again, we were sitting in the basement on the floor. And we were watching the game on the same 13 inch TV (this time using my trusty rabbit ears). The setting felt so familiar and the result of the game brought about the same sense of excitement.

With all the similarities, things really couldn't be more different. Three years ago we were engaged. We were less then two weeks away from our wedding. We were getting ready to move into our tiny apartment in Columbia Heights. I was preparing myself to move from the Southeast quadrant of the city to the Northwest. We were planning our honeymoon, thinking of building traditions, talking about what it would be like to wake up next to each other. Last night we were less than two weeks away from our third wedding anniversary. We were talking about giving our BABY a bath and getting her ready for bed. We were trying to figure out if the baby monitor would work down in the basement...

My how things have changed!

We're parents now. We didn't get to watch the last half of the second quarter or the first half of the third because the baby needed a bath and a good bedtime feeding. We also are home owners and several rooms in our home lack furniture. Hence our sitting on the floor last night. I'm no longer working full time; traveling at least one week a month. I'm a mom and a student. Change, change, change...

With change comes challenges and a whole lot of joy. We are so blessed.


Three cheers: for the Steelers. Way to beat the Ravens!

So excited: for the Superbowl! and for tomorrow's inauguration.

Sad: I missed Bono and Bruce Springstein perform on the Mall yesterday. And it'll be too cold and too crowded to venture down to the Mall tomorrow with a baby for the inauguration. I'll be watching it live on

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