Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I don't consider myself to be vain. Sure, I like to look put together each morning, I blow dry my hair after every shower (usually straighten it too), and I practice good hygiene. Shoot...I spent most of my life with wet hair, permanent circles around my eyes from goggles, and smelling like chlorine. I've never been too concerned about my appearance. I'm not (and never have been) one of those girls who primps before and after class, stresses over each outfit worn, or spends hours getting ready each morning.

That said, I do have ONE thing that is bring out the vanity in me.

And that ONE thing is grey hair.

Prior to becoming pregnant, I had a few grey hairs. Seriously, like one or two tops. But as soon as my pregnancy hormones kicked in (which also coinsided with my turning 30), the grey hairs started popping out at an alarming rate. I'm at the stage now post-pregnancy where I am losing all the excess hair I grew while pregnant. The amount of hair I lose each day is staggering. So too are the number of grey hairs that are popping up on my head. I was hoping the greys would disappear as I started to lose all my excess hair, but they haven't.

And let me be specific... my grey hairs really are not grey. They are WHITE. And curly. They stick up like little twigs on top of my scalp. I hate them. I am too young to have WHITE hair; even just a few strands.

So I have taken to spending a little bit of time each evening before bed to pluck my white hairs from my head. Yes, I stand in front of the mirror and yank those ugly suckers out. I don't want to see them!

My fear is that in the days, months, and years to come I won't be able to continue plucking or else I might go bald. So the question is: what do I do? Should I get highlights to cover my greys? dye my hair with some over-the-counter product? or just let the whites come and be content with my new "do"?


WASPy Girl said...

Hey, I'm with you. If it makes you feel any better, I've had grey hair since my early 20s. I also do the plucking routine--and have been since then. While I don't have enough to justify a dye job, I'm dreading the day...

SARAH said...

I have a few white hairs and pluck them too. I also have a nice little halo of peach fuzz--the hair that's now growing back from when I lost A TON 3 months after having B.

I've heard the over the counter dye kits do a great job, but I think your hair would look awesome with highlights and that may be less of a gamble than doing your whole head.

If I ever need a dye job, I expect my hair will look super fake since red is so hard to match. . .