Thursday, July 31, 2008


Personal hygiene is important. I'm supportive of daily showers, deodorant, well groomed hair, well kept eye brows, and nicely manicured finger- and toe-nails. What I cannot stand is when people make their personal hygiene a public display. A few months ago, I watched a woman apply her deodorant on the platform waiting for the metro to arrive. Are you kidding me? Did she not have enough time to apply at it home? And it is not uncommon to see women (and sometime men) applying make-up or nail polish while driving to work or sitting on the train into town. All of these practices drive me crazy. Get up a few minutes early and ready yourself at home!

Nail clipping is one of my biggest pet peeves. I know it is important; I hate the look of long nasty nails, finger or toe. But I also hate the sound of nail clippers. I don't even like the noise when I'm clipping my own (usually I have to listen to the radio or turn my iPod on). When David is using the nail clippers, he has to be behind closed doors or on another floor. I don't want to hear him clipping away. Nor do I want to find his clip off nails sitting in a pile on a desk or countertop (for the record, David is VERY good about cleaning up after himself; I've never had an unpleasant run-in with his clippings).

What I don't understand is why people clip their nails in public. This morning I was in the public library looking for a couple of books. And there is a man sitting in one of the nice reading chairs in the middle of the paperback books clipping his fingernails. He had a pile of his nasty clippings just sitting on his jeans. I was so disgusted that I left that section of the library until he was finished, which was more than ten minutes later. Luckily, he did clean up after himself. But, REALLY. Must you clip your nails at the library. It was so quiet today and all I could hear was CLIP, CLIP, CLIP. I'll probably have nightmares tonight.

So, what do you think? Is it rude/wrong for people to groom themselves in public? Or am I just crazy?


DREAM: Last night I had a dream that David and I bought a whole Great White shark (it was dead). We decided to gut the shark for its meat. Upon cutting it up, we found spaghetti-ohs and a human head in its digestive system.

Any thoughts about what this might mean or why I would dream something like this?

Tonight: Heading out to the 'burbs for dinner with friends. We're bringing an appetizer... toasted almonds along with cheeses marinated in olive oil, garlic, and pepper corns.


Carla said...

i totally agree with the person hygiene thing...keep it behind closed doors.

like david, john is very good about his nail grooming. he usually does it fresh out of the shower (when they are nice and soft), and holds his hands and feet over the garbage can.

what a good boy!

Jill said...

I agree that it's rude. But I also must fess up to painting my nails in my library cubicle on various occasions.

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