Wednesday, July 30, 2008


It's been several weeks since my last post and much has happened... Unfortunately, our bathroom (the subject of my last post) is not finished, but it is close to being finished. All of the tile has been laid, primer has been applied, paint and grout are purchased, and the new closest has been dry-walled. With any luck, the toilet and sink will be re-installed this week.

Other happenings include: the conclusion of summer school. I turned my last paper in over a week ago, and my grade for the course should be available early next week. I'm going to continue working on a project with one of my professors until the baby comes, which will keep me connected with school and occupy some of my time.

Speaking of baby... during the past couple of weeks, I've had two baby showers (one in DC and one in Pittsburgh). Both were wonderful. We have just about everything one could need for a newborn, including a crib, sheets, stroller, car seat, clothes, blankets, etc. I also got a couple of things that were more wants than needs, including a Steelers onesie and cute clothes for me to wear at the hospital (during the 48 hours my insurance will allow me to stay).

Pictures of said items will be forthcoming. A picture from my Pittsburgh shower can been seen on Carla's blog.


Things to do today: Stop by Target for pet supplies (a well-fed cat is a happy one), mow the grass in our back yard, and clean the upstairs bathroom.

Dinner: Not sure what we're having at this point, but we have some DELICIOUS tomatoes to use (bought at a road-side stand in eastern Maryland over the weekend).

Watching: Just finished watching the 3rd season on ALIAS. I really enjoyed it; loved the Vaughn, Lauren, Sydney love triangle. The cliffhanger ending, however, leaves much to be desired.

Looking forward to: the Olympics! The opening ceremonies are next Friday night...


Anonymous said...

Lauren is a biatch.


Carla said...

i agree...LOVE the third season!