Thursday, July 17, 2008


Nearly two months ago, we began a little construction project in our basement. Our aim: to add a shower to the half-bath, open up the laundry room, and create some much needed storage and counter-top space. David did most of the design work, I did (and continue to do) most of the critiquing, and we hired a friend, Eric, to do the actual work. Eric has been working a lot and David has been doing a lot of work, too. On Tuesday night, they finished tiling our new shower stall.

David and I debated a lot about the shower stall. I was pretty insistent that I wanted a shower that would keep the water in the stall and not allow it to spray all over our new bathroom. From the start, I wanted a contained shower stall with a door. David was open to any and all shower design possibilities. In the end, we decided to install a shower stall base (48 inches long) and then tile the sides of the shower. We will install a shower curtain rod to prevent water from getting outside the shower.

Tiling the shower stall turned out to be a freaking genius idea. As you can see from the picture below, we got a little creative with the tiling; deciding to do one of the shower walls in an accent color. I'm thrilled with the way the shower turned out and am proud to say that it was my idea to frame the blue wall in white tiles. All the remains to do in the shower is to apply the grout. And for those who are interested, we are painting the bathroom yellow, specifically "lemon drop", as a contrast to the accent wall in the shower.

Next we will tile the floor in the bathroom and paint. Then we'll just reinstall the toilet, sink, and light fixtures. And finally it will be done!


Today: At Panera Bread writing my final paper for my research practicum class. I'm about done working for the day. It has been quite productive.

To do: Writing thank you notes.

Reading: Still working through Having Faith (see below for full title). I read the book before (it's by one of my favorite authors, Sandra Steingraber). I'll write a full book report when I'm finished.

Health: Went to the doctor yesterday. I failed to gain any weight during the past month. Not sure how that is possible... I'm still in the "average" weight gained category. I'm not anemic and don't have blood sugar problems. My heart and the baby's are also pumping well. If only I could lower my body temperature!

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