Saturday, April 12, 2008


Washington DC is a beautiful city all year long, but there is nothing like the spring. Cherry blossoms, daffodils, tulips, green trees, freshly cut lawns (or 2x6 square feet of grass in front of your home - you decide whether that constitutes a lawn or not!). The sights and smells around the city at this time of year are simply delightful.

On a recent walk through our neighborhood and the neighborhoods of Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights, here are two of my favorite sights...

I really appreciate the individual(s) who made the stop sign into a flower. It just adds so much to the spring-time atmosphere.


Spring-time activities: Since it is beautiful outside right now, I've turned our front porch into a make-shift office/coffee shop. Me, my computer, my wireless internet, and a decaf iced-vanilla coffee are enjoying the afternoon.

School: I have a huge data analysis assignment for my research practicum class due on Tuesday. I'm about 95% done with the analysis and will be spending the rest of the weekend putting together a presentation discussing the analysis and results. (For those of you interested in suicide rates among females in Maryland, I have a lot of statistics to share with you.)

Rest of the weekend: Out to dinner with friends tonight in the suburbs. Tomorrow I am teaching Sunday School for the youth, but really I'm not doing anything because Pastor Faith is in town and going to spend the Sunday School hour with the kids! I will just act as the disciplinarian! And tomorrow afternoon I have a ton of statistics homework to get caught up on...

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