Monday, April 14, 2008


Until this afternoon, I used to pride myself on being organized with my school work. There are certain areas of my life that lack organization: my sock drawer, the linen closet, and the trunk of my car, but for the most part I am very organized with my school work. I color code reading assignments, systematically go through homework assignments, and have developed my own short-hand to highlight important thoughts, ideas, theories, and vocab in text books. I have also become a super saver when it comes to papers, presentations, and other documents. My existing practice has been to save copies of all documents on my hard drive, my thumb drive, and my google documents account.

This practice went completely to pot this past weekend!

On Friday I worked with my mentor on my research practicum project. She helped me get a couple of complex formulas into my excel spreadsheet. But instead of saving my new spreadsheet on my thumb drive, she gave me a new one. By doing so, I had two documents on two thumb drives with two different sets of data. It made for a confusing weekend of data management.

I thought I had everything under control until this morning, in hast, I saved one document as the other and lost a weekend's worth of calculations. I didn't realize my mistake until I was in the library this afternoon. After checking and rechecking and then rechecking again to be SURE I had deleted one of the analyses, I gave up and said a quick prayer that the original analyses were saved on my computer.

I arrived home two hours ago to find my original files on my computer. I resaved the appropriate files on my thumb drives and google documents. I also finished my presentation for tomorrow. Now I can go out for a run with my husband and enjoy the evening...

Unfortunately, this little mis-step in disorganization has not inspired me to organize my sock drawer or the linen closest. However, it has forced me to slow down while working to be sure that I am not making little mistakes that could be extremely costly.


For those who haven't heard firsthand about my growing "beer belly", I'm starting to look fat. I'm keeping a list of everyone who stares at my stomach, but is afraid to ask whether I'm pregnant or not. I should have a funny blog post about this in the future.

Dinner tonight: baked eggplant Parmesan.

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Jill said...

Thanks for introducing me to google docs. Didn't know that existed. Have already uploaded stuff.