Wednesday, April 16, 2008


As many of you know, David is an amazing cook. For our second date, he invited me to his apartment for dinner. I walked in - not knowing what to expect in terms of cuisine - to a four course salmon dinner. It was delicious, and I was so impressed. In the past three years, he has cooked up some fabulous meals; too many to list here. But rest assured, we do have a food diary and we've kept our weekly menus from the past two years.

This past weekend David made "chicken" (read: soy chicken product) wraps for lunch. I saw him add peas, raw cabbage, and red onions to the wrap. I even saw him slap on some tomato paste and garlic; however, I failed to see him slather on the horseradish.

I like horseradish, but to quote David:

"Horseradish is not subtle."

I took one bite of my wrap (which was extremely good) and immediately knew there was horseradish on it. My nose started burning and tears welled up in my eyes. At one point during the meal, I basically choked on the horseradish - my nose was burning so badly I forgot to swallow and took a deep breath instead. The sights and sounds produced during my choke were quite comical. We had a good laugh at my expense.

Since our weekend wrap with horseradish, we have finished our jar of the yummy stuff and are eager to get the grocery store for another. For some reason, both David and I enjoy the yummy flavor of the horseradish and the burning nose and teary eyed sensations that come along with it.

Here's to husbands who like to experiment with food, are extremely good cooks, and are not afraid to load on the horseradish...


Update: Homework hiatus... I'm done with all my homework that is due for the next WEEK. That means I'm going to read a book for fun (Guns, Germs, & Steel), enjoy the warm weather from my front porch, take care of the pile of clothes laying beside my side of the bed, and just enjoy life without statistics or epi homework.

Dinner: we're having veggie burgers and tator tots tonight!

Weekend: Doctors appointment on Friday (16.5 weeks along). Then my parents are coming into town for the weekend. Hopefully the weather will be nice. If not, we can go to the new Target.

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