Sunday, February 12, 2012


Yesterday I, along with thousands of other runners around the world, participated in a virtual run in honor of Sherry Arnold, who was killed while out for a morning run a little over five weeks ago.

Participating in the run was SO important to me. I think of Sherry as a kindred spirit (of sorts)... we both had two kids - one girl and one boy, we both loved to run, we both were teachers, we both taught math (I teach statistics - its in the same family), we both enjoyed a mug of coffee each morning before heading out for the day. I can imagine that if we had known one another we could have been friends. So I ran to honor and remember her. I also ran because my heart breaks for her family, friends, and community. Running yesterday was a way for me to support them; to be strong for them. I ran knowing that their hearts were breaking and have been broken for weeks now.

I started my run with a moment of silence and a prayer.

View with my head bowed. 

And then I took off. As I entered into Rock Creek Park, I picked a daffodil (don't tell the U.S. Park Service as I am sure it is illegal to pick flowers in the park). I ran with the daffodil for another 5.5 miles - a symbolic gesture to remind me that I was running in honor and for someone.

At the 6.57 mile mark, I arrived at the Memorial Bridge - the bridge across the Potomac River that links Washington DC to Virginia. My plan was to drop the flower off the bridge and into the water; however high winds prevented me from doing so. Instead I released the flower into the water, in honor of Sherry and in celebration of her life, while looking at the bridge.

And then I ran home.

It was one of the best runs I've had in ages. I'm proud to dedicate the run to Sherry.

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