Tuesday, February 21, 2012


C -

It's hard to believe you are four months old already. Time is moving way too fast.

You continue to be such a delightful baby. You smile and giggle all day long. You have definitely found your voice. And you know how to use it... if we aren't giving you the attention that you want (read: face-to-face interaction), you squeal loudly. It's adorable! You spend most of your time these days sucking on things - fingers, thumbs, toys, you name it. The amount of drool you produce amazes me. I am constantly checking to see if your teeth are coming in, but there is no evidence of them yet.

You are still a big boy - in the 95th percentile for both height and weight. One of our neighbors has offered to serve as your agent when you enter the NFL draft! This morning at your doctor's appointment you weighed in at 17.1 pounds and measured 26.5 inches. Unfortunately, you have another yeast infection in the little folds of skin near your backside. We've got some medicated cream and will get that problem under control in no time. 

You have yet to roll over, but are trying hard.

You have a killer grip. Most of the time we find you holding onto your toy rings or our fingers.

Your sister loves to give you hugs and often hugs you by putting her head on your tummy. You love the hugs! You also like pulling her hair. On several occasions we've had to rescue K, who couldn't free herself from your grip.

You love to take a bath.

Your sleep schedule is a little unpredictable. On night's when I teach, I wake you up around 11pm to feed you. Afterward you typically sleep until 5-6am. On nights when I don't teach, I usually skip the 11pm feeding - I just want to go to bed. Some nights you wake up in the wee hours of the morning to eat; other nights you do not. Although I prefer when you sleep until 5-6am, I do not mind the middle of the night feedings. You tend to eat fast and fall right back to sleep. Recently, do to my crazy busy schedule and lack of sleep (I blame your sister), I have been falling asleep while nursing you in the middle of the night. Two nights ago I woke up nearly an hour after I started feeding you. You were sound asleep in my arms and I was sleeping up-right in bed.

Needless to say, being a full-time mom, professor, and wife as well as having a training schedule, household chores, and a (limited) social schedule have left me a little tired.

I love you.


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Sarah said...

He is huge! I love that last picture.