Saturday, November 19, 2011


Today I went out for my second run since having a baby. It ended up being a run/walk, and it was not pretty. The proof is in the picture.

It wasn't pretty and I know I looked terrible out there - bad form, old pants that did not fit properly, a shirt that wouldn't stay in place, and one U-G-L-Y camouflage hat. But it felt so good. I was so excited to be out there RUNNING. After 1.5 miles I knew I needed a walk break and again I walked when I came to the big hill on my route. If I've learned anything from marathon training it is that seconds at the beginning can cost you minutes at the end (or trying to get back into shape too fast too soon could result in an injury or complication that could result in not being able to run). I want to get back into shape - and the quicker the better - but pushing myself too much now could result in an injury or some sort of complication (ripping my insides open). So I am taking it slow and being responsible. And that means 11 minute miles at this point in time.

As I was finishing my run (and completely enjoying my new running mix!!), I started to think about my goals and why I run. I started to think about races I want to run and places I would like to visit. What I concluded is this... I really enjoy running and I really like feeling physically fit and fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes. I also need some reach goals to get me off of my butt and back into shape (and then into better shape than I have ever been in). As I said yesterday, D and I are planning to run two half marathons this spring. I would like to complete both of them in under two hours. And in the fall, I want to run a marathon in under 4 hours.

There... I said it. I want to reach for the stars.

More than likely, D and I will not both get a spot in the 2012 NYC Marathon through the lottery. This means we will have to wait until 2013 to run the race together (which we SO want to do). My long term reach goal will be to qualify for the Boston Marathon in NYC in November 2013 (qualifying time for my age group is 3:40).

To do so would be EPIC.

With all of this in mind, I need to train well and remain injury-free. I also need to lose my remaining pregnancy weight and strengthen my core. None of this is going to happen over night, but I am confident that with time I can accomplish all of my goals.

Here's to a BQ in November 2013...

And in the meanwhile, here's to getting back into shape, loosing some weight, and enjoying every minute of if...!!!


Becca said...

So excited you are getting back in the swing of things! I need to do some regular stretching to try and get over some piriformis pain I have been experiencing, and hopefully start training for DC soon. I am so excited for our race, and hope to be crossing the finish line with you in March!

WASPY GIRL said...

I hear ya. I'm also thrilled to be outside running again and can't wait to be back in shape, having shed this weight. However, my goal is (to finish, ) a 10K again in the spring :)

slowly growing old together said...

Becca - I am so excited for our race, too. And, yes, we have to finish together. I'm counting on it. Hope to get a run in with you in December - if you are feeling up to it. Jill, let me know what 10K you sign up for - maybe we could do it together.