Monday, November 21, 2011


One would think taking a Christmas card picture would be easy and fun -- the whole family together, enjoying some special place in the city/neighborhood, and a wonderful selection of snacks (read: bribes) prepared by mom. We even had my mom on hand to provide entertainment and encouragement during this year's photo shoot. I assumed we'd get a great picture the first time around and would be done with it. Instead it took us two trips over two weekends to two different locations to get a half decent shot of us.


Our first attempt at getting a picture started out wonderfully with our three year old angel being ever so cooperative and adorable.

But then she got an attitude.

And then she made her way into the bushes only to get covered in little hitchhikers.
We took about 100 pictures after this. None of which are worth sharing. 

After we were all tired and grumpy. And one of us (a stubborn not-to-be-named three year old) had to use the bathroom, but refused. We ended our first attempt at getting a Christmas card picture with some fun daddy-daughter time. 

And, sadly, made plans to go out the following weekend to get a family picture - this time at a different location at a different time of day. 

Thankfully we were successful in getting a decent family shot the second time around. Specifically, we were able to get a shot where C's eyes are open, K is not crying, and D and I look half-way normal and not completely sleep deprived.

I bet you cannot wait to get our card this year...

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Ruthie said...

hehe... that was our experience as well! But, I love that first shot. So darling!