Thursday, July 1, 2010


I'm working from home today.

I have mixed feelings about working from home. On the up side, there is no commute, no need to pack a lunch, gym clothes or travel mug. No public restrooms. Two computers to work on at once. There is an window beside my desk, which is open this morning because temperatures are in the 60s with little humidity.

On the downside, while at home I cannot stop thinking about the mounds of dirty laundry or dirty mixing bowls in our kitchen sink. I also need to schedule my runs around the kids' schedule. They are at our house with their nanny today and I cannot let them know that I'm here (K is going through a HUGE mommy phase right now). I have to plan to sneak out while they're out this morning at the museum or this afternoon while they're napping.

I also have A LOT of school work to finish before the week is over (READ: before COB today).

So, here is my plan:

This morning -

1. finish the first chapter of my dissertation.
2. finish laundry - move wet clothes to dryer, put in second load, and fold and put away both.

This afternoon -

1. get out for a run while the kids are napping - included in this activity is taking clean clothes and shower items downstairs so I can return from my run and enter through our basement. I will then shower downstairs and finish working from there - as to not interrupt the kids' day with our nanny.
2. run - without walking - at least 5 miles. I have no excuses today re: running. The weather is perfect, air is fresh, and there is no humidity. 
3. post-run: stop at the store to buy a few key items we need for dinner. This means, carrying a shopping bag while running b/c plastic bags at the grocery store (or any store for that matter) cost a nickel in DC.

It is now 9:25am.

Ready, set, go --- first chapter, you are mine.

Laundry... I'll see you as soon as the kids head out the door for the Building Museum.

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nora said...

Congrats (in advance) for finishing chapter 1! And it is AWESOME that they charge for bags!!! I have been waiting for that to happen.