Tuesday, July 13, 2010


If you've been paying attention to my DailyMile account, you've seen that I've been doing battle with a hill on my normal running route. This is the hill.

It is a full city block long and it is steep. Several times this past week while running with K, I've had to stop and walk to the top of the hill. After 3.5 miles of running in hot and humid temperatures, this hill has gotten the best of me. In fact, prior to this evening, I hadn't made it to the top of the hill without walking with K. I was a complete failure. Prior to this evening, the only time I made it to the top without running was at the end of my 5 miler on Saturday when I was child-free.

Anyways, I made my mind up this afternoon that I wasn't going to give up during my afternoon run. I was going to run the whole way to the top of the hill.

And I did.

At the top, K and I clapped and yelled.

We even took a few pictures. What a great view! One of the best in the city.

That is the Capitol in the distance in the bottom photo and the Washington Monument and Bell Tower in the picture in the top photo. I'm so glad we stopped to take some pictures and to celebrate conquering the hill.

Next goal: running to the top of the hill and then continuing running until we reach home.

Tomorrow I'm going to aim to run the hill and then continue running for another couple of blocks. I'll then add blocks a couple at a time with the goal of making it home after the hill all the while running.

This hill is going to play a large role in my marathon training this summer/fall. More on this to come...

As for K, today she rocked an outfit only a toddler could pick out --- piggy tails, black and purple bondi-band, and bright pink mary janes. And no run is complete without a sippy cup full of ice-water and a container full of Cheeries, whole wheat crackers, and a few goldfish crackers.

This was my view of her during this afternoon's run...

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