Thursday, April 1, 2010


SHOUT OUT: to Carla: Happy Birthday!! And, to D: congrats on passing your certification exam.

Funniest moment: not sure I've laughed yet today. Seriously. There's been plenty of smiling, but nothing funny. MUST.CHANGE.THAT.

Big accomplishment: got out of bed before 5:15am and did not complain.

Motivational treat: a diet-Coke and a break from dissertation primary data analysis to blog.

Healthy afternoon snacks: a clementine and Clif Bar

Biggest regret: opening my diet Coke too soon after it was dispensed from the machine. I've got a mess to clean up.

Dinner: last night we had the pasta, shrimp, cucumber, dill salad that is so yummy. Only this time we forgot to add cucumber and used quinoa shells. I didn't miss the cucumber as much as I disliked this dish with the quinoa shells. Definitely need to use regular pasta.

Rant: not much to complain about today. It is sunny and warm in DC (Baltimore, too). I had a great run this morning. K slept through the night. I slept from 10pm-5am. Tomorrow K and I are going to go to the zoo or maybe the park or maybe downtown to see the Cherry Blossoms. All is well in my little world. No complaining or b*tching today.

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Anonymous said...

I have tomorrow off and plan to be downtown too!! Although, sans toddler ;) hope you guys have fun, it's gonna be so gorgeous around here this weekend!