Thursday, April 2, 2009


The perfect pair of jeans.

Blue jeans are so common. You can find them anywhere - Target, department stores, boutiques, and Ebay, among other places. Why then is it so hard to find a pair that fits well? FOR.REAL. All I want is a nice pair of dark blue jeans that I can where out to dinner or to an informal meeting with a professor. I want a pair of jeans that would look professional with a nice jacket (for instance my cute little pink jacket) or a nice shirt or blouse. I don't want baggie or frumpy looking jeans. I want nice ones. Ones that fit well and don't look like the pair I wear around the house to do chores.

Why is it so hard for me to find jeans?

I actually have a pair of such jeans, but they now have a hole in them and are starting to look a little ratty around the bottoms. My mom tried to get me the EXACT SAME pair as a Christmas gift, but the design of the jeans had changed just slightly and they didn't fit right. Grrrr...

Any suggestions for where to find a nice pair of jeans? Ideally, I need a pair that comes in short or petite sizes, as I am short.

We're also in search of a dutch oven. We've been making our own bread since mid-January. And cooking it in our wok covered by a glass bowl is getting a little old. And the risk of injury from a burn is huge. Does everyone out there agree that the Williams Sonoma dutch oven is the way to go?


WASPy Girl said...

I love my Le Creuset dutch oven.

I only have 1 pair of regular jeans--Lucky brand. Love those too.

nora said...

What's your general body type? I am "hippy," let's say, and I like Joe's Jeans "Honey" style ($120-170) and suprised myself by liking the Old Navy "the sweetheart" which I got for $13 on sale Good fit, not too low waisted. Also like American Eagle "Favorite Boyfriend" fit ($40-60).

I know way more about jeans than I do dutch ovens! :)

SARAH said...

Le Creuset is the way to go. Expensive, but totally worth it, especially since you guys cook all the time. Plus, it will last forever.

I too am in search of a good pair of dark jeans, ones I can dress up to wear to work. The thing is, all the trouser jeans (no back pockets, dark wash, look a little dressier) have too low a waist that will NOT do with my post-prego body. I have some very old Gap Long and Leans that I love, but I don't like their newer version. I tried on the Gap Essential cut, but it wasn't quite right either.

Maybe I'll try "the sweetheart" at Old Navy. Let me know if you find a good pair!

Emily said...

Becky: I agree, the sweetheart is definately the way to go- and I was very surprised. And, like you I am on the shorter size and their short version is fantastic! Especially on my re-shuffled post-baby body!

Good luck!

Ruthie said...

I too love Le Creuset.

But, if you want something really cute, we received this apple-shaped cast iron pot for our wedding: